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the maLiane© license for IT Majors, paperless business and coaching companies

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“Easy through the information jungle with myLiana“:

in every small-to-mid-sized company this promise meets a warm attention as an original, attractive, non-software solution.


From the IT point of view alone

the 1-week coaching session MyLiana is the fastest way to have, in any company, ALL the people NATURALLY converge and stick to a robust, qualitative, IT-friendly data storage architecture > myLiana makes User’s Upgrade Useless : no technical speech, no training for the users, and myLiana brings lots of advantages for the IT management in any customer company :


making any search easier for their IT purposes, making in the same time the connections to any information software easier !

information acquisition cost (e.g. recording information, time spent to search information by users under pressure)

gives clear inputs for reporting and instantaneous consolidation , postpones the need for a new software, decreases the need for storage device because drastically less redundance in the information system…

by solving the basic facts, not the details.


A cleaner, simpler, common-understood information system which is described with IT words: this also allows to spend less money on experts, or sophisticated software or systems who have to deal with complexity

Buy the maLiane© license and operate this new business at your profit to both make significant supplementary profit and boost your own product lines. 1,000,000’s customer companies are concerned wordlwide !


> OS AND HARDWARE COMPANIES : get closer to the user as never before ! maLiane is an easy way to tailor your OS to each company’s specific needs

> ERP, CRM EDITORS AND DEALERS : boost your sales ! maLiane is the fastest way ever to calibrate client companies to receive your Software

> COACHING COMPANIES: focus on IT&Stress ! Create 10,000s consultant jobs throughout the world to solve quickly sales&admin processes efficiency issues, where there is a HUGE demand on the market today.

> DOCUMENT COMPANIES – PAPERLESS BUSINESS: convince quicker your prospects ! Paperless business is immediately possible after 1 week in most of the companies. Persuade customers more easily to let you manage their e-documents

MaLiane© is a patented trademark
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